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This site readily acknowledges contributions from a great number of sources and would like to thank those sources. In general, quotes from books, papers or other web-sites are in a different colour from black and in all cases the source of the quote should be given. 

1. Thanks to the people who have contributed directly to this site as shown on the authors page.

2. Thanks to the authors of books that have been read as part of putting this site together and from which many of the quotes have been taken. These books include (see references for more details or shop page to go to a site that sells them):-

Bone of Contention - Is Evolution True by Sylvia Baker.

Creation Facts of Life by Professor Gary Parker.

Darwin's Enigma by Luther Sunderland.

Darwinism and The Rise of Degenerate Science by Professor Paul Back.

Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution by Professor Michael Behe.

Darwin's Leap of Faith - Exposing the False religion of Evolution by  Ankerberg and Weldon.

Evolution, a Theory in Crisis by Dr Michael Denton.

All of the above books are recommended to read - see shop page.

3. Thanks to a number of web sites who specifically have given permission for longer quotes to be reproduced on this site. These include:-

Apologetics press, 230 Landmark Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, U.S.A. Phone (334) 272-8558. For a paragraph on coral on the Dating page, with kind permission of Dr Bert Thompson. 

Biblical Creation Society website and an article entitled "Darwinism and Neodarwinism in evolutionary change", by David J. Tyler and Arthur J. Jones (1992). About half the material on the evolution page is from this source, with kind permission of David Tyler.

Creation Research newsletters - some material on the adapt&mutate page with kind permission of Diane Eager.

Revolution against Evolution - some material on the geological column page with kind permission from Dan Janzen.

The evolution of the human - some material on the early man page with kind permission of John Stevenson.

True.Origin web site - some material on Anti Creation and other pages with kind permission of Tim Wallace.

50 REASONS TO LEAVE YOUR FAITH (evolution) - some material on the early man page with kind permission of Samuel Bollinger - web site no longer available.

4. Thanks to Answers in Genesis web-site to which this site links extensively and from which a number of quotes from various articles have been added to the site. This site has E-mailed Answers in Genesis to check that the links and the material quoted abide within their policy and they confirmed they were happy for the numerous quotes and links to their site.

5. Thanks to the videos John Mackay of Creation Research such as The evidence for Noah's flood, The world of living fossils and Origin of the races which have been a source of inspiration and also a source of some of the quotes on this site.

6. Thanks to Geraldine Sparks on behalf of Dr Liam Goligher and Duke Street Church for giving  permission to have some of Dr Liam Goligher's talks on this site - see audio-visual page.

7. Thanks to James Nienhuis, author of the web site Genesis Veracity, the books "Ice Age Civilizations" and "Old Earth? Why Not!," and the DVD's "Ice Age Civilizations" and "Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of a Lost World" for some historical evidence in support of Noah's flood on the Flood page.

8. Thanks to a great number of other sites to which this site links and from which, in some cases, quotes have been taken. For all longer quotes the web-site of origin has been contacted.