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At the start of time................

Evolution puts bacteria as the first self replicating organisms, but scientists have no irrefutable evidence of how such complex organisms arose by chance?

Bacteria to amoeba...............

A small step size wise, but a change from the Kingdom of Prokaryotic organisms to the Kingdom of Eukaryotic organisms with many new cell parts.

Fossils showing stability over time...............

Many fossils, like this jellyfish fossil, actually show stability of some species over time rather than change and there is a lack of intermediates. Species that are the same as their fossil ancestors are called "Living fossils".

Evolution or diversification...............

Dogs are a wonderful example of diversification within a species that can be applied to many other species, not to be confused with evolution.

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Brief videos

  • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - No criticism of evolution allowed - 7 minute trailer
  • Simple cells and fossils - 9.5 minutes
  • Fossil intermediates and living fossils - 10 minutes
  • Genetics, selection and mutations - 10 minutes
  • Embryonic recapitulation fraud and origin of information - 9.5 minutes
  • Mutations and evolution - 9.5 minutes


Chance or design?
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Audio visual material of a scientific nature supporting a creationist or intelligent design viewpoint and also of a purely Christian nature for those who may be interested. The talks by Dr Liam Goligher are good if you have time to listen to them, as are the question of origins videos.



A small selection of on-line talks and videos are presented on this page. Most talks and videos are linked to on the Answers in Genesis or Christian Answers web site or have been downloaded to this site with kind permission of Duke Street Church:-


Scientific topics

Literally hundreds of other audio and video presentations can be seen at the Answers in Genesis videos on demand page

If you need to down load software to listen or watch from the links below then please click on this link

You Tube videos

Dr Terry Mortenson looks into the contentious issue of the origin of life in seven ~ 10 minute videos + other video clips.

The Dawkins letters - response to God Delusion (see book right)

John Mackay - Living fossils -1

John Mackay - Living fossils - 2

Richard Dawkins interviews creationist John Mackay (Part 1 of 2)

A question of Origins

The videos below are in the Christian Answers web site, with permission for linkage requested.

Watch the entire film or view in segments as below:-Evolution: A Theory in Crisis


ch01-thumb.gifIntroduction: Overview of the Theory of Evolution
4:38 mins.

ch02-thumb.gifAgreements: Between Evolutionists and Creationists
3:53 mins.

ch03-thumb.gifCosmic Evolution: The Big Bang and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
6:57 mins.

ch04-thumb.gifThe Origin of the Solar System
3:15 mins.

ch05-thumb.gifThe Anthropic Principle: Is the Earth Fine-Tuned for Life?
5:08 mins.

ch06-thumb.gifChemical Evolution: Spontaneous generation; Stanley Miller Experiment
6:57 mins.

ch07-thumb.gifEvolution: Protein Molecules and "Simple" Cells
6:33 mins.

ch08-thumb.gifEvolution of the Bacterial FlagellumThe Naked Emperor: Darwinism Exposed
2:40 mins.

ch09-thumb.gifBiological Evolution: Darwin's Finches
2:46 mins.

ch10-thumb.gifThe Fossil Record: Intermediate Links
2:54 mins.

ch11-thumb.gifArchaeopteryx: A Feathered Reptile?
1:06 mins.

ch12-thumb.gifThe Ape-Man: Missing Link
2:26 mins.

ch13-thumb.gifDNA: Human & Chimpanzee DNA
1:23 mins.

ch14-thumb.gifMore Problems
1:12 mins.

ch15-thumb.gifScientific Foreknowledge in the Bible
5:13 mins.


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Debate on-line
Dr John Lennox, who is a Christian, asserts in his book "God's Undertaker - Has science buried God?" that science and philosophy show evidence of a divine designer.  

View and listen to the debate here between Dr John Lennox and Professor Richard Dawkins.




Dinosaurs and Fossils: A correct interpretation of the facts  Play audio

Dinosaurs – How Old are They? Play audio

'Dino-to-bird' theories and fakes   Play audio

Refuting the Common Myths about Dinosaurs Play audio

Dinosaurs and the Bible, Dr Gary Parker   Play Video

The Great Dinosaur Mystery. Lots of interesting information about past sightings of dinosaur like animals. Takes a little while for sound.  Play Video

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The Genesis Flood: Its Legacy Continues  Play audio (Special web broadcast with Dr John Whitcomb, author of the Genesis flood).

The Flood and the Final Judgment, Part 1  Play audio (Special web broadcast with Dr John Whitcomb).Grand Canyon: A Different View

The Flood and the Final Judgment, Part 2  Play audio (Special web broadcast with Dr John Whitcomb). 

As Donald DeYoung sees it (a physics professor at Grace College in northern Indiana's Winona Lake and the author of "Weather and the Bible"), the world didn't always have the climates it does today. The flood of the Bible, he says, signalled the start of weather as we know it. See more at the IndyChannel (article) - see video link on this page


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Christian topics

Lee Strobel's web site videos

Antony Flew, Former Atheist - Now Deist, Goes Beyond Deism Saying a Creator Was Involved in the Creation of Life.
Are there Inconsistencies Between the Four Gospels? By Dr W L Craig
Can all religions be true? By Dr W L Craig
Christ shares in our suffering. By Diane Langberg
Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? By Dr W L Craig
Evel Knievel Shares How He Found Jesus Christ.
From atheist to believer. By Lee Strobel
How do I become a child of God? By Luis Palau
How do Muslims conceive of God?By Dr W L Craig
How much sin will Jesus forgive? By Luis Palau
Is Jesus the Son of God? Lee's Interview with Dr. Strauss (Part 1)
Is The Da Vinci Code Good History? By John Ortberg
Is there a case for the resurrection? By Dr W L Craig
Is there room for doubt in the Christian Faith? By Lee Stobel
The case for Christmas. By Lee Strobel
What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? By Rick Warren
Who do you say Jesus is? By Lee Stobel

Some thoughts by Mother Theresa  - A moving PowerPoint presentation with sound.


"Love letter from the Father" - You Tube video


The talks below are by Dr Liam Goligher (picture left), senior pastor of Duke Street Church, London, UK. These talks hosted on this site with kind permission of Duke Street Church. Each talk is about 30 minutes.

Talks are aimed at Christians or non Christians who may be interested in learning more about the Christian faith or any interested in specific topics like a Christian perspective of the Da Vinci code book or film.

The drama of redemption series of talks, now part of a book by Dr Liam Goligher entitled "The Jesus Gospel - recovering the lost message" involves man's alienation from God as told in the first few chapters of Genesis, then follows God's plan to bring us back to himself, with the plan unfolding in the old Testament and coming to fruition in the new Testament. 

Other excellent talks can be heard or downloaded to listen off-line from the web-sites of Duke Street Church and Holy Trinity Brompton, as well as from many thousands of other sites such as Telling the Truth and In Touch ministries!


Talks may need to download to your computer before they will play, so please be patient.

Talk + related text Click for talk   Talks by Dr Liam Goligher 
Series of talk - About
The Message Jesus never lost 
John 17: 1 - 11
The drama of redemption - Plan of redemption before Creation
Crime and Punishment
Genesis 3: 1 - 15
The drama of redemption - The fall from paradise in Eden
Wet, Wet, Wet!
Genesis 6: 1 - 22
  The drama of redemption - Redemption from the flood
Generation eXodus
Exodus 12: 1 - 13
  The drama of redemption - Redemption from slavery under Pharaoh
Yom Kippur
Leviticus 16
The drama of redemption
The Scandal of Forgiveness
Psalms 51
The drama of redemption - David's forgiveness for his affair and committing murder
Wounded for Me
Isaiah 52: 13 - 53 12
The drama of redemption - Prophecy concerning Jesus coming to earth and dying on the cross
Romans 3: 21 - 26
The drama of redemption
The Great Exchange
2 Corinthians 5: 11 - 21
The drama of redemption - His righteousness for our sinfulness
God is Love
1 John 1: 5 - 9
The drama of redemption - Expounding on God being love and light
The Lamb Wins!
Revelation 5
The drama of redemption - Victory in weakness, the lamb that takes away the sin of the World
The Da Vinci con None - Truth behind the book and the film


Below are links to a couple of Christian radio stations and to Christian TV

Premier Christian radio (London UK).

Premier Christian TV (for broadband only Audio (click here to play).

UCB Christian radio station (Audio (click here to play). 

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