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If you have any comments or suggestions about this small web site then please contact Dr Luke Randall by completing the form below. Please feel free to let me know of any mistakes you spot, if you disagree with anything or if you like or dislike the site. I would also be really interested if anyone prays the prayer to become a Christian on the "Become a Christian" page.

Please note that my background is microbiology, and whilst this involved studying some genetics, I am not an expert in many areas covered by this web site (e.g paleontology).

The site was put together using what is assumed to be reliable sources, nothing is deliberately intended to mislead or present false information. However, some things are open to different interpretation (e.g. the fossil records).

The Questions pages and pages off "Xtra - Joe Baker" were put together by Joe Baker. If you have any questions for him please go to the "Questions and Answers" page or click on his name below to trigger an E-mail to him.

Fill in form to contact Dr Luke Randall, author of this site except Questions and Answers page and pages off "Xtra - Joe Baker".

Please note, for E-mails to Dr Randall, I can only reply to you if you fill in your E-mail address in the box provided. Many thanks.


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