The Questions and Answers on this page were mainly put together by Joe Baker and are mainly (though not exclusively) aimed at teens. .  

We accept that we don't have all the answers, and opinions on certain aspects change can over time, but we hope you find these answers of some use.

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Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

Dragons of the Deep: Ocean Monsters Past and PresentSir Richard Owens who was a Creationist did not invent the word Dinosaur until 1841. The King James Bible was interpreted in 1611 over 200 years before the word dinosaur existed. The word dragon was used over 45 times in the King James Version of the Bible, many of the times it should have been translated to Dinosaur. 

In the Chapters of Job 40 and Job 41 it is clear that these creatures mentioned are dinosaurs. Job 40 describes an animal with a tale like a cedar tree. Some commentators say that this is an elephant or a hippopotamus. Have you ever seen the tale of an elephant or a hippopotamus? Believe me they are nothing like a cedar tree! The Apatosaurus is a much better match to the description. To top

Creationists have spend a great deal of effort denouncing evolution, but how much time have they devoted to exploring the possibility that Genesis is referring to evolution and there is no controversy?". 

Response from Diane Eager and Luke Randall. Having had a university education in the biological sciences and regularly attending a Bible Study I was not satisfied with the excuse that Genesis really means evolution. I knew what the biologists taught about evolution and it did not remotely sound like Genesis. The three main points where Genesis and evolution are diametrically opposed are:- 

1. Genesis says that living organisms were created separately  "after their kinds" or "according to their kinds". Evolution is a process where one kind becomes another kind. 

2.The order of creation events Genesis is nothing like the order of events in the evolutionary story.  

3. Genesis describes a world that started out "very good". This means no suffering, death or disease. These things exist because the world has degenerated since then, i.e. the world is going from perfection to chaos, not chaos to perfection. According to evolution suffering, death and disease are the very things that drive evolution via the "struggle for existence." It is this issue that has led many, including Charles Darwin to abandon their faith in God because they believe that a good God could not have created by such an evil process - but they are convinced that process is true.  

The Bible says that God made man in the image of God, evolution suggests that a bacteria or another simple cell of some sort arose by chance and then by processes involving mutations, adaptation and selection, gave rise to all the species on planet earth today. However, science shows us that mutations do not increase genetic complexity and are generally harmful to the organism. In view of this and other points discussed on this site, I believe that the macro-evolution aspect of the theory of evolution is in conflict with science. To top

Did Noah take Dinosaurs on the Ark?

The Bible says that Noah took two of every animal that breathes through its nose. Noah had the common sense to take young ones with him on the ark. Not only do babies weigh less but they also eat less, poop less, sleep a lot more, are tougher, and they would give forth much more offspring after the flood which was his primary reason for bring them to begin with.

 I got the privilege of holding two real dinosaur eggs both of them were the size of a melon. The largest dinosaur eggs that have ever been found were the size of a football. Even T-rex could have perched on your shoulder at one time in his life. To top

Does Evolution replace the need for God?

Full question received by E-mail in February 2004 from Naimah Haq:- "Does the evolution theory supersede the need for a religious explanation about how humans came into existence? And how does it?"

Answer from Paul Taylor:- "Evolution is a religious explanation, not a scientific one, for the origin of life. There is not a single piece of experimental evidence confirming the evolutionary hypothesis that I know of. If you do know of any could you please let us know?  What evidence do you have, that you have personally verified, on which to base a belief in Evolution?

The voices of a multitude saying 'Evolution is a fact' do not replace the need for repeatable experimental evidence before the claim of scientific validity can be substantiated. All so-called evidence for Evolution is merely circumstantial evidence that is more easily interpreted within the Creation model. Therefore belief in Evolution hangs upon an absolute faith in the evolutionary presuppositions - that ONLY naturalistic causes exist, therefore everything MUST have arisen by naturalistic processes [over billions of years which make anything possible, given enough time ...].

However there isn't enough time. Things are too recent for the theory to work. The 'missing links' are still missing after the earth has been thoroughly explored. There are impossible gulfs between non-living matter and 'simple cells' which we know now to be more complex than modern cities. There are too many 'closed loops' such as proteins that need DNA for their manufacture and DNA that needs the same proteins for it to function. What of the origin of the information encoded in the DNA? Can you really bring yourself to believe that this arose from random events without an intelligent author?

Also, is it logical to say that something created itself? If it existed before it was created then it had to both exist and not exist at the same time. If something else created it, then that something else was either itself created or was eternal. Ultimately it goes back to something [or someone] that is eternal. If anyone attributes physical matter with eternal existence, then that is essentially a religious belief.

The biblical statement, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" is therefore logically and scientifically defensible. It tells us that the universe had a beginning, including its time dimension. This agrees with the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy is increasing throughout the universe and is one of the most well authenticated laws of science. It is also in accordance with logic as it posits a creator who is eternal and greater than the creation that he made.

So, no, I submit that Evolution does not supersede the need for a religious explanation. Rather it is simply a competing religious explanation, espoused by many for its 'liberating' effect freeing them from any need to acknowledge their Creator or obey his moral law. It hides under a cloak of scientific validity but when exposed is revealed as a set of unsubstantiated religious beliefs".  To top

Genesis says "re-plenish" so was there life before Adam and Eve?

Comment from Rodney Schamerhorn, July 2003:- We did not evolve from apes because the apes (that looked like us) were rendered extinct by God before He created Adam and Eve. Didn't God say to Adam and Eve "be fruitful and multiply and Re-plenish the earth?" Doesn't  that imply the earth was once "plenished"? Doesn't that also imply that the earth was "UN"plenished.

Response from Kyle Shockley, July 2003:- "Replenish", during the King James Version translation, meant "to fill". Since that time, it has meant "to fill again". Words change meaning over time in English (and other) languages. "Scan" used to mean "to read carefully and thoroughly". What does it mean now? Exactly my point.  The Hebrew word in Genesis  ("mil'lae") means "to fill", just as how "replenish" embodied at one time the same definition in the English language. To top

Genetics show we evolved from apes as we 98% the same as apes genetically.

Please go to the Homology page to see a response to this. To top

If God is loving and all-powerful, why is there so much pain and suffering in this World?

See also Why Does God Allow Suffering?

This is a question that many of us ponder over some time in our lives. To those who really want a details answer please buy the book by Phillip Yancy, Where is God when it hurts, as show right.

For a less researched and detailed answer, many Christians might think along these lines:-

The Bible says that God created a "Good" World, and in the story of Genesis, Adam and Eve were in a harmonious relationship with God in the Garden of Eden. However, God made us with a free will and not as programmed robots. The Bible says we were free to love God and obey him or not. In some way, in the Garden of Eden, humanity chose to rebel against God and this destroyed the harmonious relationship with God. Some people believe that not only did the harmonious relationship between God and man break down at this stage, but also in some way the whole of Creation became affected and out of harmony with its Creator. The good news is there is a way to restore our relationship with God (see Faith page).

Much of mans suffering is as a result of mankind not following God's ways. For example, it is not God's ideal for us to drink excessive alcohol or take dangerously addictive drugs for recreation purposes. Just these two things alone caused untold misery through crime, sickness and death of addicts, relationship and marriage breakdown, gang warfare, murders etc.

Jesus Christ taught us that the two greatest commandments are to love God with all our heart and our neighbours as ourselves (The Bible, Matthew chapter 22, verses 37 to 40). If we all achieved this wholly  it would remove much of the suffering (e.g. wars, loneliness, crime, famine etc.) from the World. Whilst we may not in our lives wholly love God and our neighbour, we can choose to restore our own relationship with God (see Faith page) and with God's help love him, our neighbours and ourselves. 

See also Why Does God Allow Suffering? for more in depth answers. To top

Is there enough water to cover the world?

 The Darwinist are right when they claim that there is not enough water on the planet to cover Mt. Everest. If the ice caps were all too melt the continents would decrease in size by about 20%. However they are assuming that Mt. Everest was 29,000 feet high during the antediluvian world. The Bible says in Psalm 104:8 that the Mountains arose and the valleys sank down and the water wasted away after the flood. If we sank every mountain into the great trenches in the ocean and smoothed out the whole globe, the world would be covered by about 2 miles of water. The mountains arose after the flood and the mid-oceanic trenches sank down. As the water quickly ran off it created massive erosion, such as the Grand Canyon, and Canyon Land National park. If every drop of water in the atmosphere was to fall right now, it would rain about three inches world wide, that would sure cause a lot of problems and kill millions of people but would not even come close to creating a global flood. To top

If the evidence for creation is so good, why do people believe evolution? Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

I think the answer to the question is simple and yet terribly sad. Ever since Adam and Eve fell people have developed "Creation Myths." Evolution is just today's most popular "Creation Myth." In Romans 1 we find that God has revealed himself to man through his Creation. Just take a look at the stars or examine a butterfly. From the microscope to the telescope there is evidence of design all around us. In 2nd Peter chapter 3 we read that "scoffers are willingly ignorant" of the Creation, the Flood, and the Coming Judgment. The Bible says that they don't believe these things because of the lack of evidence, but rather because of their lifestyle. People don't reject the Bible because of evidence, people reject the Bible because they want to be in charge and do whatever they want. All people take things on faith. An Atheist (person that posits the non-existence of God) believes by faith that no one made this world but that the world made itself. Though it is very reasonable to believe that God designed this universe you and I believe by faith that God created this world as described in the Bible. People look at the world and understand things through their worldview window. When we look at the evidence it makes sense because we are looking at it through our worldview window. An atheist looks at the same world and concludes that evolution is true, not because of their science but because of their faith in Naturalism. Since they don't believe in God, Evolution must have brought about our existence; there is no other naturalistic explanation for our origin so they must accept it. Any evidence that contradicts their faith is eliminated, or explained away. I have to admit that we sometimes do the same thing, but that is the point. See God has placed enough reason in this universe to make faith in God's world a very reasonable proposition however God has left enough reason out to live by reason alone. In other words we don't believe the Bible because the evidence can prove it, we believe the Bible by faith, and then everything seems to make sense. What I read in God's word corresponds with what I see in God's world. Our job as believers is to love those that reject God's Word and to gently remind them that they are fallen and in need of a savior. Once they accept by faith that God framed the world then they will see the mountain of evidence like you and I, but as long as they hold onto their faith of methodological naturalism they will not be able to accept the evidence that proclaims the existence and primacy of our wonderful all mighty God.

The Bible, Hebrews 11:3 "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." To top

If the universe is young, how can we see light from very distant stars?

It is obviously not possible to answer such a question with certainty, however, one possible explanation is that God did not create a brand new universe. This may sound an odd explanation, but in the recorded miracle of Jesus turning water in to wine (The Bible, John chapter 2 verses 1 to 11) Jesus produced not new young wine but matured wine. New young wine is generally not of the good quality as was the wine reported to be produced in this miracle. Thus, God could have produced a universe that was in some senses "mature" from the outset, as was the wine in the miracle miracle described in The Bible (John, chapter 2). Please see also some commentary about the speed of light. To top

This site contradicts Science with respect to dinosaurs

Question in full to Joe Baker - October 2003. You suggest (on a page on previous version of this site) that not only did dinosaurs live in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, but they were around at the time of the ark, and that they became extinct after the flood due to death, and hunting by man.. Humans did not exist until 65 million years after dinosaurs. Your answer is not only impossible, but strangely ignorant to modern science. How is it possible you did not know of the age of dinosaurs and its relation to man.

Answer from Joe Baker. I am very aware of what the "Modern scientific" consensus is on dinosaurs. I believe that a few modern scientific ideas are very wrong and this is one of them. We at the site choose to believe that God revealed himself to man through history and allowed On your page you suggest it to be recorded in Genesis. As we read Genesis we find that it seems to contradict what the "modern scientific" establishment says, so rather than changing God's Word to fit "modern scientific" ideas we build a model that incorporates science and does not compromise the scriptures. Scientific ideas change every single day, nearly everything that my parents learned in high school has now been recalibrated, recalculated or flat out just thrown out. One day when I help my kids with their homework I will see how science has improved. Science is not a solid foundation, it moves all the time...that's what I love about it...It allows me to explore and investigate and see into things and find new and better things about things that others thought were used up things. (wow that was fun) Well you get the point. We at the site base our faith on the solid rock of scripture, which is unchanging. Did you know that the entire universe was dated at 100 million years just a hundred years ago! It was less than thirty years ago when they announced that the earth was 1 billion and now it's five billion years old. Please also see the dating methods page of this web site for some other views of dating the age of the earth. To top

What happened to all the Dinosaurs?

We could talk for an hour on how dinosaurs died off. But the simple fact is that they died. They did not evolve, they simply died. Lots of animals become extinct; Many plants and animal species each year go extinct. Everything seems to be heading toward death and extinction, which is the opposite of evolution and is called devolution. That is no problem for me because after Adam sinned God stopped preserving and sustaining his world. Death came into the world and everything in the entire universe began to run down. The fossil record is record of death and extinction, not evolution. If it were a record of our evolutionary history as Darwin said it is, then we should find countless intermediate fossils. Today there is still not a single intermediate fossil found in the fossil record.

 The existence of dinosaur fossils suggests that there must have been a global flood to bury such creatures.  Many dinosaurs are found in large herds fossilized. This could only result from a catastrophe. They simply died out after the flood in the new hostile environment, probably man's hunting killed many of them off, and (there are thousands of stories of people killing dragons). The word dinosaur wasn't invented until 1841 and meant terrible lizard. The King James Version of the Bible refers to dragons at least 45 times. Many Creationists including me (Joe Baker) believe that there are a few dinosaurs still alive in many remote parts of the world. There have been over 20,000 reported sightings of dinosaur like creatures in this century. To top

Who wrote Genesis?

See also Who wrote the first book of the Bible - Genesis?

Moses is attributed to writing Genesis; the big question is whether he was solely responsible for all the history in Genesis. A better question is “Did Moses write Genesis, or did he edit it?”  I believe along with most Creationists that Moses edited the book of Genesis and compiled documents already written before his time. The history may have been written on a series of tablets handed all the way down from Adam. Noah could have taken the tablets on the ark, and then passed them down through the generations in the post flood world.  God could very well have just given Moses the knowledge of the past, but I know of no other case in the Bible where God revealed the past to anyone except for Jesus and he is an exception (tell me if you know of any).  I am sure that before the flood the people wrote stuff down, and passed it along, I don't think the Bible says this so I am telling you my opinion, but it seems to makes sense. There are many prophets in the Bible that predict the future events, but eyewitnesses wrote the historical books. The previous tablets that Moses edited from may have been very precise and much more detailed. Moses, being inspired by God edited all the chapters down into one perfect book. 

Genesis is awesome and is also the foundational book of the Bible.  Jesus quoted from Genesis more than 40 times, more than any other book. To top