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61 Web-Based Articles. Some of the best material supportive of the biblical creation model, carefully selected and compiled by Ashby Camp.

400 Scientists that don't believe in evolution (2005 figure)

Abortion - AIG

Abiogenesis. If naturalistic molecules-to-human-life evolution were true, multibillions of links are required to bridge modern humans with the chemicals that once existed in the hypothetical “primitive soup”. Essay by Dr Jerry Bergaman on "Why Abiogenesis is impossible".  

After devastation ... the recovery. About a global flood. - AIG

Age of the Earth (Young Earth).

All about God. A site about God, Christianity, evolution versus creation, other religions, philosophy, cults and more..........

Answers in Genesis. A large web site devoted to giving up to date evidence in favour of Creation. This organisation has magazine available. It also has many books and videos available to buy on-line.  

Army ants, as voracious as ever, have defied evolution for 100 million years

Anti Creation. Michael Dini's web-site from which some of the material on the Anti Creation page was taken and How Religiously Neutral are the Anti-Creationist Organisations - AIG and Is evolution 'anti-religion'? It depends - AIG and Those ignorant, stupid, insane, wicked creationists.

Army ants, as voracious as ever, have defied evolution for 100 million years

Archaeopteryx (unlike Archaeoraptor) is NOT a hoax — it is a true bird, not a ‘missing link’ - AIG

Are look-alikes related?- AIG

Are there 800 billion fossils buried in the Karoo formati

Are there apemen in your ancestry? - AIG 

Are there any Transitional Fossils? - AIG

Argument: Common design points to common ancestry - AIG

Argument: Some mutations are beneficial - AIG

A shrinking date for ‘Eve’  - AIG 

Atomic Constants, Light, and Time by Barry Setterfield and  Trevor Norman.

BBC News Online, 9 Jun 2004 - Emergence of a new species of fruit fly.

Become a Christian? A web site about Christianity with details of how to become a Christian.

Beetle bloopers, even a defect can be an advantage sometimes - AIG

Biblical Creation Society - site from which (with permission) some of the material for the evolution page of this site is taken. 

Bible study books. Site selling Christian books for Bible study, spiritual growth and more. 

Big bang -  Hubble, hubble, big bang in trouble? - AIG 

Bird evolution? - AIG

Books Harvestime. Books in favour of creation to buy on-line including.  

Can Flood Geology Explain Thick Chalk Layers? - AIG

Can genetic mutations produce positive changes in living creatures? A page of a web site showing how dangerous mutations can be to living organisms, some of this material is used on the adapt and mutate page. An excellent and informative page with lots of Scientific information.  

Carbon dating - What about carbon dating? - AIG

Centre for scientific creation. A site with lots of information plus books and videos to buy.  

Chemical soup is not your ancestor! - AIG

Christian Answers. A large web site with answers to many questions relating to the Christian faith, including some pages devoted to different aspects of the Creation versus Evolution debate.  

Claws on wings  - AIG

CNN news report of  a battle Joe Baker of this site became involved in on the Creation Vs. Evolution debate.

Coelocanth (the fish out of time). A site devoted to a fish that was once thought to be extinct 70 million years ago and was once thought to be an intermediate between fishes and amphibians. Site has pictures of the swimming and more. Claws on wings - AIG

Comparative Molecular Structure and the Theory of Molecular Homology and Molecular Evolution

Creation Research. The Australian Creation Research site lead by John Mackay. Lots of information and the source of the some of the videos recommended. John Mackay is an excellent and informed speaker and the videos are excellent. Creation Research Evidence News - apply to receive regular E-mail updates.

Creation Research Society. This site has lots of information and a worldwide directory of creationist organisations. Also books and videos to buy on-line or by post.

Creation Science movement UK. Books, CD's and videos to buy on-line + the chance to join up and receive regular updates via pamphlets. Also details of the "Genesis Expo". In 1995 the old National Provincial Bank on Portsmouth Hard was purchased and has now been altered to house the first large permanent creation exhibition in the UK.

Cyanobacteria: Fossil Record.

Cycads, living fossils

Day One publications. An excellent source of books such as "He made the stars also".

Darwin, Charles. Web site giving information about the life of Charles Darwin.

Darwin’s finches - AIG and Did Darwin recant? - AIG and Darwinism and the Nazi race Holocaust - AIG and Darwin versus Compassion - AIG

Darwinism refuted - An excellent site with lots of information.

Dating in conflict - AIG

Dealing with challenges from evolutionist's. An excellent site with links to hundreds of hundreds of essays, highly recommended.

Did Lucy walk upright?  - AIG 

Did scientists create life … or did the media create hype? - AIG

Did cells acquire organelles such as mitochondria by gobbling up other cells?  - AIG

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs, 20000 reported sightings this century and Footprints of Dinosaurs and humans on  the Paluxy River and Did a meteor wipe out the dinosaurs? - AIG and Dinosaur bones—just how old are they really? and Seven-foot living 'dinosaur' lurks in Oregon and The extinction of the dinosaurs - AIG and UK dragon stories and You Don't 'Fit' Dinosaurs With The Bible! - AIG

Discovery Institute in Seattle - Discovery Institute supports research by scientists and other scholars challenging various aspects of neo-Darwinian theory.

Does homology provide evidence of evolutionary naturalism? - AIG

Dogs breed dogs - AIG

Dogs and mutations - AIG

Dogs descended from a few wolves - AIG

Dragons - UK dragon stories

Embryology - Fraud rediscovered - comparative embryology - AIG

Endosymbiotic theory and Endosymbiotic theory - Theories about how bacteria (e.g. prokaryotic cells) evolved into larger protozoan (e.g. eukaryotic cells)  type organisms. See Endosymbiosis of the Simple cells page.

Evolution of truth

Eugenics. Site from which the Eugenics material and quotes on the Does it matter were taken.  

Evidence from Antibiotic Resistance - .pdf file

Evolution, a fairy tale for grown ups. A clever cartoon style web site but with some serious points. See how the wolf changed into a whale and the giraffe grew his long neck!

Fossils Fast fossils. Billions of well-preserved fossil fish clash with popular belief .- AIG and Fish Scales in the Cambrian - AIG and Fossils—do they get more complex? - AIG and Fossil intermediates - site used to obtain some of the information for the Intermediates page with respect to definitions of transitional fossils and The fossil record  and Fossil pollen in Grand Canyon Overturns Plant Evolution - AIG and Hundreds of jellyfish fossils!  - AIG and The Human Fossils still Speak

Flood models: the need for an integrated approach - AIG

Fraud rediscovered - comparative embryology - AIG

Genesis park. A well laid out and imaginative site about the living relatives of dinosaurs.  

Geological conflict  - AIG

Global flood. The online home of Dr. John Baumgardner's work related to the Genesis flood.

Henry Gee is the author of a quote in Nature magazine about lack of fossil evidence for Early man. However, this link (Henry Gee) shows that whilst he has written about the lack of fossil evidence for early man he does not believe this to be proof that man did not evolve and he is very touchy about being quoted by creationists!

History of man. Web site from which the traditional time periods for the presumed evolution of  Early man were taken.

Homo erectus 'to' Modern Man: Evolution or Variability?  - AIG 

Honest answers to tough questions about Christianity

How Could Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Survive the Flood?

How Simple Can Life Be?  - AIG

Human/chimp DNA similarity - AIG

Hundreds of jellyfish fossils!  - AIG

Hovind - Dr Kent Hovind's web site.

How Religiously Neutral are the Anti-Creationist Organisations? - AIG

How well do palaeontologists know fossil distributions? - AIG

How Simple Can Life Be? - AIG

Human genome project - Sanger Institute.  

Human genetic diseases

Hundreds of jellyfish fossils! - AIG

Is evolution 'anti-religion'? It depends. - AIG

Icons of Evolution web site by Dr Johnathon Wells.

Insect leg development - AIG

Institute of Creation Research. A large site with on-line articles and books etc. to buy on-line.

Irreducible complexity: some candid admissions by evolutionists - AIG and Argument: ‘Irreducible complexity’ - AIG and Half a Mousetrap Doesn't Work and Wired for much more than sound

Irreducible Complexity: The Challenge to the Darwinian Evolutionary Explanations of many Biochemical Structures

Is Our Copy of the Bible a Reliable Copy of the Original?

Is Your Dog Some Kind of Degenerate Mutant?

Jesus Christ and the Bible.  

Jesus A Biblical Defence of His Deity

Jurassic pot plants on sale soon

Know why you believe - Site about the Christian faith.

Life from life...or not?

Living fossils - Living fossils 1 and Living fossils 2 and ‘Living fossils’ enigma and  Living Fossils At Palomar College and  Living fossils of the deep and  Jurassic pot plants on sale soon and  Plants of Jurassic Park, Missing Links, Living Fossils, and Trick Photography and  Salamanders are ‘living fossils’! and Seven-foot living 'dinosaur' lurks in Oregon and The profusion of living fossils 

Loopholes in the evolutionary theory of the origin of life.

Lost world of mutants discovered - AIG

Lucy. Essay about early man "Lucy" from the Institute of Creation Research web-site and A shrinking date for ‘Eve’ - AIG  


Missing Links, Living Fossils, and Trick Photography

Missing antimatter challenges the 'big bang' theory - AIG

Missing Links, Living Fossils, and Trick Photography

Mitochondrial Eve - A shrinking date for ‘Eve’ - AIG

Molecular evolution

Morality and Ethics Questions and Answers. - AIG

Nature magazine web site. Source of some quotes used in the Homology page page.

New evidence: Lucy was a knuckle-walker  - AIG 

Noah’s Flood Questions and Answers  - AIG

Noah's Flood - Where did the water come from?

Oil and Flood Geology - AIG 

Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories. By: Stephen C. Meyer. Paper published in the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, September 29, 2004.

Origin of Species  - - Book on line

Ostrich eggs break dino-to-bird theory - AIG

Peppered moth. For years the story of the peppered moth, Biston betularia, has provided one of the best-known examples of natural selection in action, but this is not to be confused with not macro-evolution.

Plants of Jurassic Park

"Polystrate" Tree Fossils

Primeval soup — failed paradigm  - AIG

Protein mutational context dependence: a challenge to neo-Darwinism theory - AIG

Radiometric dating - problems with and Scientific Age of the Earth - critique of radiometric dating and The way it really is: little-known facts about radiometric dating - AIG

Radiometric Dating of Fossils and Rocks. The Failure and Inaccuracy of Radio-dating and Radiocarbon Dating Methods.

Radiometric Dating Questions and Answers - AIG

Ransomed heart ministries. The organisation  that Joe Baker will be working and training with for two years from 2003.

Refuting evolution. On line book by Jonathan Sarfati Ph.D., F.M.  

Salamanders are ‘living fossils’!

Sanger centre - human genome project. Source of some quotes used in Homology page.

Scientists who believe in creation. Biologists and Physical Scientists also see Christian Answers.

Seven-foot living 'dinosaur' lurks in Oregon

Skull wars: new ‘Homo erectus’ skull in Ethiopia  - AIG

'Simple'? Whole Bacteria Genome Sequenced - AIG

Some mutations are beneficial - AIG

Species definition  

Speedy species surprise - AIG

Spectator magazine. Source of the article (24th October 2003) on the "Home" and "Anti Creation" pages.  

Speedy species surprise - AIG

Starlight and the speed of light. How can we see light from stars millions of light years away if the earth is only a few thousand years old? is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins. Most discussions in the newsgroup centre on the creation/evolution controversy, with emphasis given to evolution being true.

The fossil record of ‘early’ tetrapods: evidence of a major evolutionary transition? - AIG

The full ‘scope’ of the trial of the century - About a rigged trial of a teacher accused of teaching about evolution.

The geological column: Does it exist?

The Human Fossils still Speak  - AIG 

The Invalidity of Morphological Homology

The non-evolution of the horse - AIG

The links are missing - AIG

The non-transitions in ‘human evolution’ — on evolutionists’ terms.  - AIG 

The origin of old-Earth geology and its ramifications for life in the 21st century - AIG

The Overselling of Whale Evolution

The (second) greatest catastrophe of all time - AIG

Those ignorant, stupid, insane, wicked creationists.

Tree ring dating (dendrochronology) - AIG

True origins. This site was established to provide an intellectually honest response to the claims of evolutionism’s proponents (including, but not limited to, the likes of the “” newsgroup and website.

Your most important decision - Christian site about the Christian faith

Variation, information and the created kind - AIG

Voyage of the Beagle - Book on-line.

Was the Flood global? - AIG

Whale evolution  - AIG

What about similarities and other such arguments for evolution? - AIG

What biology textbooks never told you about evolution - AIG

What’s wrong with ‘progressive creation? - AIG

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